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At many instances, need arise where one require to share the mailbox data with other users. And since there are so many email platforms, it is not necessary that the other person is also using the same email client which you are using. Say, you are using Outlook for Mac and your client is using MS Outlook, to make the file accessible for your client on his system it is necessary that you convert the OLM file in a PST file format. What can be more tedious and tiresome than converting every single file of Outlook for Mac to PST format?

However, there is a manual way to do the conversion which requires creation of Gmail IMAP account in which you need to drag and drop the Outlook for Mac emails. Thereafter, the user can open that IMAP account in MS Outlook. But this method works fine only when there are a few emails that are to be converted from Outlook for Mac to MS Outlook .But if you are looking forward to convert the entire mailbox then manually performing the conversion could not only be tiresome but time-consuming as well. Therefore, using professional software to do the same is a smart choice to make.

Salient Features of OLM to PST Conversion Software:
  • Apt tool to perform conversion from Outlook for Mac to MS Outlook
  • Even repairs the damaged, corrupt or inaccessible OLM files with precision
  • Restores the data items such as emails, images, attachments, contacts, hyperlinks, calendars, etc.
  • Maintains the formatting, structure, properties, meta data and read/unread status of the data items after conversion and keeps them unaltered
  • Facilitates the user to save the data items of OLM file in PST, MSG, EML, MBOX, IMAP, RTF, TXT, MHTML, HTML and DBX.
  • Allows the user to search items based on the criteria such as To, From, Subject, Attachment, Received before and Received after
  • Provides an option to save the recovered file in email servers like GroupWise, Lotus Domino, MS Exchange Server and company IAMP account.
  • Allows user to save recovered emails in web mail servers like Google apps, iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail/Live mail/Outlook.
  • Generates four types of reports: Total time types, Mail flow density by date/senders and users interaction.
  • Available with free trial version.
  • Round the clock technical assistance.

OLM to PST conversion software is a wondrous utility that lets you perform the conversion process of Outlook for Mac into MS Outlook accessible PST format. It offers a dual functionality of converting the OLM files into PST as well as repairing the ones which are corrupt or inaccessible. Using this proficient tool, the users get enabled to gain access to their Outlook for Mac emails in MS Outlook platform. It lets you convert the entire Outlook for Mac mailbox including emails, contacts, attachments, images, calendars, hyperlinks, etc. into MS Outlook mailbox. After the conversion process gets accomplished, the software offers the user to save the data items in different file formats. It is recommended to download a free demo version of the software before purchasing its full licensed version.

Analyze Free Demo:

Download and use the free demo of OLM to PST conversion software for knowing the in-built functionality of the software. It performs conversion of the entire mailbox as well as repair the inaccessible data items but allows saving only 25 items per folder after the conversion process. If you find the results accurate and wish to save more files then purchase the full version.

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Free OLM Migration

How to create olm archive file from Outlook for Mac?

For Outlook for Mac 2016

Implement the following steps to export OLM items in an archive file.

  1. Go to the Tools tab, select Export option.
  2. From the Export to Archive File (.olm) box, select and check the desired items that you want to export. Select Continue to proceed further.
  3. Inside the Save As box, under Favorites, select the Downloads folder, and hit Save button.
  4. When all the data is exported in the file, the user is notified. Then select Finish to save the changes.

How to create Mac Data file (OLM) from Outlook for Mac?

Outlook for Mac creates its data file (OLM) automatically, when you run it first time. However, the unnecessary items (like older messages, and mailbox items) have to be frequently archived to an OLM file to ensure that the mailbox does not exceeds its storage quota.

Use the following steps to create OLM file in Outlook for Mac:

  1. Launch Outlook for Mac program.
  2. Reach File menu, and click Export.
  3. Select Outlook for Mac Data File, and then choose the option to filter the data by category or item type. Check mark all the boxes from Items of the following types, to export all items in Outlook.
  4. Select the right arrow to proceed.

NOTE: If you have a  directory services account or a Microsoft Exchange account, then the contained contacts inside the directory, will not exported. It is important to note that an Outlook for Mac File (OLM) does not include Outlook preferences or account settings.

How to create category to export selected items in Outlook for Mac?

You can export everything from Outlook from Mac (OLM file)—including all account/folder headings, flagged items, etc. Although, you have to categories everything, before you export.

  1. From the top middle toolbar, choose Categorize button
    • For Outlook for Mac 2011 - choose Add New 
    • For Outlook for Mac 2016 – choose Edit Categories
  2. Provide a unique name to summarize the exporting procedure, like "Archive CUMC", which will be helpful for exporting the mailbox items, like mail, contacts etc.
  3. Select, and mark the items that you want to export, from the created category.
    • Under an account/folder heading, you will need to go in to each folder and select all items in it:
      • a. Select Edit from the top menu in MS Outlook, then click Select All from the drop down menu. Now, all the folder items are select/highlighted.
      • b. Select the Categorize button, and then apply category name to all items.
  4. When you have smaller range of messages, then use control key on your keyboard, to select two messages, and everything between these two get highlighted. When adding non-adjacent messages, then you can use the command key on your keyboard.
  5. Label the other categories, if there are calendar items, contacts, tasks etc. that you wish to export.

The categorized items are highlighted in the color indicating the different category, then you can export them accordingly.

How to Export the categorized data items from olm file?

In Outlook 2011 
  1. To export category items—check the items that are available in category option. You can use the drop down menu to select the desired category.
  2. If you want to export everything in Outlook (including ‘all account/folder headings in your Outlook list’), then select from the given options: items of the following types (Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and Notes), items that are in the category, etc. Click the right arrow a to proceed.
  3. Choose Delete After Exporting? window, then click the right arrow to continue.
  4. Choose a location, when Outlook prompt you to save the exported file. You can also rename the file with Save As option.
  5. Now Outlook will start exporting the file. It will consume longer time, if file has lot of items.
  6. When completed, it will prompt the user with an Export Complete message. Click Finish or Done to save the changes.

How to import OLM/PST file in MS Outlook?

Steps to import Importing

The imported items (from .olm or PST) is stored in a sub-folder—On My Computer in MS Outlook.

  1. Launch MS Outlook
  2. Go to File, then select Import option.
  3. When an Import window appears, implement the following procedure:
    In Outlook 2011
    • a. Choose Outlook Data File (.pst or .olm), and click the right arrow to proceed.
    • b. Choose Outlook for Mac Data File (.olm) option, use exported data from Macintosh, or select Outlook for Windows Data File (.pst) to use data exported from a Windows machine.
    • c. Select right arrow to proceed.
    In Outlook 2016
    • d. Choose Outlook for Mac Data File (.olm) option to use the data exported from a Mac system, or select Outlook for Windows Data File (.pst) option, when you want to use data exported from Windows workstation. Hit Continue option to proceed.
    • e. Use this ‘Outlook 2011 data on this computer’ option, if you have not set up an account in Outlook 2016. Refer Microsoft's tutorial, if desired.
  4. Importing will take longer time, if there a lot of items are selected. Once the process gets completed, it will prompt with an Import Complete message. Click Finish or Done to safely exit.
  5. The imported items will appear in the folder—On My Computer.

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Marky says...
As I changed from Mac to Windows, I wanted to move my emails too. With this tool, it was easy for me to convert OLM files to PST for use in Windows Outlook.
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Convenient yet advanced platform to convert Mac Outlook files in MS Outlook format. The biggest advantage of this tool is conversion of unlimited files at a time without any error. Another plus point is its filter feature to export relevant files.
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Excellent Solution to OLM to PST Converter tool which can easily convert OLM files into PST, EML and MSG file format, without losing any files. Thank you
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I was in desperate need to transfer my data from Mac to Windows Outlook, without losing any data. Therefor, I downloaded a free trial version of OLM to PST converter tool. This tool worked perfectly and convert all my data without any hassle.
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